This month, at Plasbox, we are celebrating, as we have been granted the UN certification for our plastic suitcases for transporting lithium batteries.

The professionals in our technical department had been working for months on various tests to achieve said important certification for our new models of blown plastic suitcases.
Finally, a few days ago, we were able to get them to pass the validation tests, certificating that our plastic suitcases for dangerous goods were ready to be manufactured and produced in mass and could be delivered to the customer.

What allows us to have certified luggage for dangerous goods?

Very simple, some products can’t be transported in any ordinary packaging due to the dangerousness of some its components and the consequences that these could have with their reaction. That’s why there’s a specific certification which regulates the characteristics and requirements of these packages for dangerous goods, certifying that their transport is completely safe.

Why has Plasbox worked on the certification of its plastic cases for the transport of lithium batteries?

One of our dear customers had a new high-value item which they wanted to release to the market, but due to usage specifications, required transportation, and because of the fact it contains a lithium battery, he needed a packaging certification for special dangerous goods.

On other occasions, these tests had been done with suitcases produced in Plasbox, but in this case, we had to change our designs a bit until we were able to fully meet the standards defined by the UN certification, closing the entire project cycle.

Therefore, when the client proposed that project to us, it was immediately clear to us that we had to create a tailor-made range of plastic suitcases for transporting lithium batteries, applying them a meticulous job so that they can obtain the necessary certification for their correct distribution.

Do you require certified or non-certified custom plastic suitcases?

If you need blown plastic switcases too, at Plasbox we are leaders in this sector sector, as we are one of the main manufacturers which offer a wide range of solutions, either for special projects where you may require a tailor-made case or a normal one.